Austin 3 – Dallas 5- Visitors at Q2 Stadium secure victory

Photo Credit: AP

FC Dallas’ 5-3 win over Austin on Monday, was hard fought at Q2 Stadium. As the table looks today, Austin and Dallas currently occupy 12th and 8th spots in the league, with 19 points and 25 points respectively after 30 matches.

Dallas started the first half well, thanks to an early goal from Jesús Ferreira in the 5th minute. However, their lead didn’t last for long, Cascante producing an equaliser in the 14th minute, bringing Austin level. However, each side looked hungry to win and Dallas then found the back of the net, 36 minutes in thanks to Pepi, taking the score to 2-1. Dallas looked to have the game under control when they scored again and incerased their lead, thanks to a second effort from Jesús Ferreira in the 38th minute to establish a 3-1. Dallas then netted again and increased their advantage thanks to a 2nd effort from Pepi just before half-time and the first half ended 1-4.

Dallas started strong in the second half and were able to dominate, with a goal from Obrián, 53 minutes in. However, Los Verdes weren’t lying down and managed to pull back a goal from Fagundez at the 59 minute mark. They then scored again, increasing their advantage thanks to a goal from Ring, at 68 minutes to make it 5-3.

For Austin, Pochettino, Romaña, Jiménez and Djitte, came on for Gallagher, Cascante, Kolmanic and Domínguez. Dallas brought on Martínez, Elmedkhar, Che, Eddie Munjoma and Jara, to replace Hedges, Schön, Obrián, Servania and Pepi.

There were bookings for Nick Lima from Austin, and Schön and Elmedkhar, for Dallas.

Austin will next travel to Houston Dynamo, while Dallas will face San Jose at home.

Technical card:
Austin: Stuver, Besler, Cascante (Romaña, min.46), Kolmanic (Jiménez, min.46), Nick Lima, Ring, Pereira, Driussi, Fagundez, Domínguez (Djitte, min.82) and Gallagher (Pochettino, min.46)
FC Dallas: Phelipe, Hedges (Martínez, min.63), Burgess, Hollingshead, Twumasi, Servania (Eddie Munjoma, min.75), Cerrillo, Jesús Ferreira, Schön (Elmedkhar, min.63), Obrián (Che, min.69) and Pepi (Jara, min.76)
Stadium: Q2 Stadium
Goals: Jesús Ferreira (0-1, min. 5), Cascante (1-1, min. 14), Pepi (1-2, min. 36), Jesús Ferreira (1-3, min. 38), Pepi (1-4, min. 40), Obrián (1-5, min. 53), Fagundez (2-5, min. 59) and Ring (3-5, min. 68)

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