Grenoble Foot – Paris FC – Grenoble Foot take all 3 points, after 2-0 victory against Paris FC

Grenoble Foot's Philippe Hinschberger gets winning start at Stade Des Alpes
Grenoble Foot vs. Paris FC
Edgar Martin

Edgar Martin

The person who keeps us informed about the latest football news from France is Edgar. He lives in Paris, but his favorite team is Lyon.

The first game of the season in the competition.

started strong and were rewarded, with Achille Anani finding the net, 8 minutes in, to take a 1-0 lead into half time.

continued to apply pressure in the second and were rewarded, thanks to Willy Semedo finding the net just before the final whistle, leaving the final score at 2-0.

Technical card:
Grenoble Foot: Brice Maubleu, Harouna Abou Demba, Loic Nestor, Adrien Monfray, Jerome Mombris, Mamadou Diallo (Willy Semedo, min.74), Jessy Benet (Jules Sylvestre-Brac, min.84), Charles Pickel, Florian Michel (Anthony Belmonte, min.65), Yoric Ravet (David Henen, min.84) and Achille Anani (Moussa Djitte, min.73)
Paris FC: Vincent Demarconnay, Ali Abdi, Axel Bamba, Ousmane Kante, Florent Hanin (Lalaina Nomenjanahary, min.68), Said Arab (Florian Martin, min.58), Marvin Gakpa, Moustapha Name, Cyril Mandouki, Julien Lopez (Gaetan Belaud, min.58) and Mohamed Lamine Diaby (Morgan Guilavogui, min.68)
Stadium: Stade Des Alpes
Goals: Achille Anani (1-0, min. 8) and Willy Semedo (2-0, min. 87)

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