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Every year, the pinnacle of the footballing season is the UEFA Champions League, where the biggest football clubs from all over Europe go head-to-head to be crowned the Champions of European football.
Clubs from the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and all the other of the continent’s foremost leagues battle for supremacy in the tournament.
On this UEFA Champions League news page, you will find out everything you need to know about the Champions League.
Not only will we give you all the latest Champions League news, but we will also keep you informed of all the upcoming Champions League fixtures and the latest Champions League results.
Before the upcoming matches, we will provide you with all the pre-match stats, information and previews, and as soon as the match is finished, we will look at the match in-depth, giving a full review of what happened. So, if you’re looking for all the latest Champions League fixtures, scores, previews and Champions League games reviews, look no further than our Champions League news page.

All About the UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League takes place every single year and comes to a climax in May/June. The greatest teams from all over Europe face off to be crowned the champions of champions.
This tournament is only open to the finest in all of the European leagues, and every year, each club will fight off their own domestic rivals in order to qualify for the kudos of being able to partake in this illustrious event.
The CL Cup was first introduced back in 1955 and was, back then, known as the European Cup (not to be confused with the UEFA Europa League). This was, at first, one of the straight knockout football competitions because, back then, it was only open to the winners of the European domestic leagues.
It was renamed the UEFA Champions League in 1992 and has since expanded to include even more of the leading European clubs.
A football team that just misses out on qualification or that gets knocked out in the early stages of the competition can get entry to the UEFA Europa League, the second most important of the European Championship events.

Champions League Trademarks and Sponsors

The Champions League logo and branding are now recognisable all over the footballing world, with the black, white and silver colours and logo and the ‘starball’ all famous trademarks of the event. The CL Cup competition has several big-money sponsors including big multinational companies, which currently include Expedia, Heineken, MasterCard, Nissan, Pepsico, Santander and Sony companies, although the sponsors change regularly.

The Biggest Football Clubs in Europe

Not only does a club gain financially from qualifying for the tournament, but there is also an element of kudos attached to the championships.
English Premier League teams – often including Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester United get to face the might of successful European teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Ajax, Paris St Germain and Bayern Munich – and some of the greatest players from around the world get to compete to lift the cup.

The Competition Format

In the beginning, this was a straight knockout competition, however, with the expansion of the competition, it is now much more extensive.


Firstly, a club needs to qualify for the competition. In England, this means that a club needs to finish in the first four positions of the Premier League (or win the previous season’s Europa League). Different countries have a different number of qualification spots in their domestic leagues. Ultimately, 32 of Europe’s strongest teams qualify for the group stage.

Group Stage

The qualifiers are then divided into 8 groups of four. To make the draw for each group, UEFA uses club seeding. Every team then plays the other three teams in two legs – the home leg and the away leg. This means that each club will play six different Champions League matches.
The leading two teams of each group will qualify for the knockout stages. If the points are equal, then the qualifying team will be decided on goals and goal difference.
So, with all else being equal, the teams that score the most goals in their matches (and let the fewest goals in) have the highest chance of qualifying for the knockout stage.
The groups are separated as follows:
Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Group E
Group F
Group G
The leading two teams from each of the groups will get an instant qualification to the CL Cup knockout stages – and the round of 16.

Knockout Stages

Round of 16

This is the first of the knockout stages, which, as the name suggests, consists of the leading 16 teams from the group stage.
There will be a draw where the runners up from one group will take on the winner of a different group. Just as in the group stages, there will be two games. The home stadium game and the away stadium game.
The winner will be the team that scores the most goals on aggregate. In this tournament, away goals are worth more than home goals, and if the score is equal on aggregate at the end of the two matches, the winner will be the one who scores the most away goals.


The team that wins its round of 16 match will get through to the quarter-final. This works in the same way as the Round of 16. Eight teams will get into the quarter-finals and the four winning teams from this round will get qualification to the semi-final.


The four clubs left will compete in the semi-final matches for their rights to play in the Champions League final.

UEFA Champions League Final

At the end of May or the beginning of June, the two successful teams that manage to beat off all the competition will play in the final – to lift the cup and be crowned kings of Europe.

Finding the Latest Champions League News

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Do You Qualify for Champions League if You Win the FA Challenge Cup?

The FA Challenge Cup (more commonly known as the FA Cup) winner does not automatically get instant qualification to the tournament. However, they will automatically qualify for the Europa League.

Which Teams Are in the Champions League 2020/21 Final?

In 2020/21, the final will see Manchester City taking on the London team Chelsea – meaning that whatever happens, the cup will go to England. Chelsea stormed through to the final by beating Real Madrid convincingly in the semi-finals, and Man City steamrolled Paris St Germain, with Riyad Mahrez scoring twice in the semi-finals second leg to take them through to the CL cup final.

Will the Champions League Final 2021 Have Fans?

This edition of the CL cup tournament will be hugely exciting for Premier League club fans, as it has been confirmed Man City and Chelsea will be allocated 6,000 tickets each. The CL Cup final is set to take place in Porto in Portugal, after being moved from Istanbul, Turkey. There was a call for it to be moved to Wembley Stadium at one point. There will doubtless be many journalists and lots of media covering the CL Cup final, as well as fans who haven’t got tickets in Porto to soak up the atmosphere.

Where is the UCL Final 2021?

The final is due to be played at Porto’s Estádio do Dragão on 29 May 2021.

Who is the leading goalscorer in Champions League 2020/21?

To date, the leading club goal scorer in the cup tournament is Erling Braut Haaland, followed by Kylian Mbappe, Alvaro Morata, Marcus Rashford and Mo Salah.

Which Team Has Won the Champions League the Most Times?

The team that has won the cup the most is Real Madrid – a club that has raised the winner’s cup 13 times in the past.
This is followed by AC Milan, who has had 7 cup wins. Liverpool and Bayern Munich follow with 6 cup wins apiece, then in 5th place is Barcelona. Completing the list is Ajax with 4 cup wins, Man United with 3 cup wins, Inter Milan with 3 cup wins and a handful of other clubs with 2 cup wins each.

How Can I Place a Bet on the Champions League?

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