Stuttgart 0 – Arminia 2: The Reds suffer home loss to The Blues

The final game of the season and Arminia Bielefeld have the final word against Stuttgart
Christoph Spitz

Christoph Spitz

Christoph is straigh-up honest about how easy he has it. While the supporters of other teams wait for years or decades for the Bundesliga trophy, he cheers for Bayern.

Arminia Bielefeld secures a 2-0 victory against Stuttgart at the Mercedes Benz Arena on Saturday. Stuttgart were looking to pick up points after winning their previous two games against B Mönchengladbach away and Augsburg at home, by 2-1 and 2-1 respectively. Arminia had managed to pick up a single point in their encounter with Hoffenheim. This left, Stuttgart and Arminia sit 9th (45 points) and 15th (35 points) in the league respectively, after a total of 34 matches.

After an un-eventful first half, The Blues continued to apply pressure in the second and were rewarded, thanks to Fabian Klos giving Arminia the lead in the 66th minute. Arminia then scored once more and increased their advantage thanks to a goal from Ritsu Doan at the 72 minute mark to make it 2-0.

For Stuttgart, Naouirou Ahamada, Daniel Didavi, Darko Churlinov, Marcin Kaminski and Hamadi Al Ghaddioui, came on for Philipp Klement, Philipp Forster, Roberto Massimo, Marc Kempf and Gonzalo Castro. Arminia brought on Nathan De Medina, Sven Schipplock, Mike Van der Hoorn, Christian Gebauer and Fabian Kunze, to replace Jacob Laursen, Andreas Voglsammer, Fabian Klos, Ritsu Doan and Masaya Okugawa.

The referee booked Naouirou Ahamada for Stuttgart.

Technical card:
Stuttgart: Gregor Kobel, Pascal Stenzel, Waldemar Anton, Marc Kempf (Marcin Kaminski, min.79), Roberto Massimo (Darko Churlinov, min.74), Atakan Karazor, Philipp Klement (Naouirou Ahamada, min.59), Borna Sosa, Sasa Kalajdzic, Philipp Forster (Daniel Didavi, min.60) and Gonzalo Castro (Hamadi Al Ghaddioui, min.79)
Arminia Bielefeld: Stefan Ortega, Cedric Brunner, Amos Pieper, Joakim Nilsson, Jacob Laursen (Nathan De Medina, min.56), Arne Maier, Manuel Prietl, Masaya Okugawa (Fabian Kunze, min.88), Fabian Klos (Mike Van der Hoorn, min.88), Ritsu Doan (Christian Gebauer, min.88) and Andreas Voglsammer (Sven Schipplock, min.80)
Stadium: the Mercedes Benz Arena
Goals: Fabian Klos (0-1, min. 66) and Ritsu Doan (0-2, min. 72)

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