LA Galaxy Scarf Guide: Where To Buy, Style & Other Merchandise

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In terms of on-field success, Los Angeles Galaxy are the biggest team in Major League Soccer history. You’re more likely to see an LA Galaxy scarf walking down the street than any other franchise…

LA Galaxy have been there and done it all, appearing in nine MLS Cup finals during their illustrious history. D.C. United and New England Revolution are tied for the second-most MLS Cup final outings with five apiece.

One of the biggest sporting cities on the planet, LA Galaxy are a marquee franchise in North America – attracting plenty of attention in the wider soccer community.

While they aren’t quite on the same level as the Dodgers or Lakers, LA Galaxy are the team that Major League Soccer organisations aspire to emulate.

In terms of a brand, LA Galaxy are the biggest draw in the league. Cities like Los Angeles and New York are always going to have an advantage when it comes to attracting supporters and building a fan base.

Furthermore, fans want to show support by wearing their team’s latest attire. Whether you are donning the new jersey or an LA Galaxy hat, fans want their club to be noticed.

Again, LA Galaxy merchandise isn’t as prominent around the city as Dodgers and Lakers uniforms are but hats, scarves and jerseys are certainly growing in popularity.

Without further ado, we look at the LA Galaxy scarf options and casualwear relating to the Major League Soccer giants…

LA Galaxy Scarves

Whether you are a soccer aficionado or a newbie to the beautiful game, an LA Galaxy scarf is a must buy if you are planning to support the club at their next match.

One of the main items in any soccer fan’s arsenal, a scarf is multifunctional. Useful when the weather is cold, an LA Galaxy scarf also gives supporters the chance to show support!

Some clubs hold their scarves up high to create atmosphere before matches. If you end up buying Austin FC tickets, you’ll witness plenty of scarves raised at Q2 Stadium before kick-off.

There are a plethora of LA Galaxy merchandise stores – many of which are online – and the official club shop is the obvious place to start.

According to the website, there are 13 different LA Galaxy scarf options to choose from. If you are an avid fan or collector, chances are you’ll have bought at least one of these:

  • All Over Logo Sublimated Scarf
  • Angle Bracket Jacquered Scarf
  • Authentic Draft Scarf
  • Half Logo Paint Jacquered Scarf
  • Limited Edition Stripe Jacquered Scarf
  • Racer Jacquered Scarf
  • Repeat Jacquered Scarf
  • Shield Jacquered Scarf
  • Slogan Jacquered Scarf
  • Sublimated Scarf
  • Team Logo Jacquered Scarf
  • This Is LA Bars Jacquered Scarf
  • Throw Rug Jacquered Scarf

Best LA Galaxy scarf goals

On top of these variations, fans can find a wealth of colour options for their LA Galaxy clothing needs. Most play on the official club colours but there are several limited edition scarves.

Navy, black and yellow are three of the main colours when it comes to LA Galaxy clothing designs. The patterns and fonts vary though, depending on the style of clothing.

There is plenty of choice when it comes to lettering on LA Galaxy scarves, with the standard club logo appearing on almost all of the clothing items on the official website.

However, sometimes you can find the simple ‘LA’ abbreviation on your favourite scarf while ‘Galaxy’ is another potential option if you want to avoid too much text.

With new styles, colours and designs introduced each season, supporters will be able to buy the new LA Galaxy scarves for the coming season in the near future.

Where To Buy An LA Galaxy Scarf

There are hundreds of ways to purchase the latest LA Galaxy scarf, with the top shopping options appearing at the top of the Google search rankings.

In addition to the club website, fans can find LA Galaxy scarf options on Amazon, the MLS Store and Fanatics – these are particularly useful for American supporters.

If you are based in the United Kingdom and looking to buy LA Galaxy merchandise, then you can find clothing items via Sports Direct, Kitbag and

One of the best options for quirky soccer fans is Mitchell & Ness. Visit their website if you are looking for a unique LA Galaxy scarf design.

Fans can find discount codes for LA Galaxy merchandise and clothing across several websites, and there are regular promotional offers and sales on the official club store.

Why LA Galaxy?

If you are looking to purchase Major League soccer merchandise but haven’t landed on a specific team yet, then LA Galaxy are one of the top options for you.

Not only are they the most successful team in MLS Cup history but there is a plethora of LA Galaxy scarf, jersey and hoodie merchandise options for fans around the world.

Galaxy fans have access to a wide range of clothing items, from the latest hats and socks to fun t-shirts that show support for the LA Galaxy brand.

Soccer merchandise can be expensive at the best of times, with LA Galaxy-branded trainers and jerseys costing more than a pretty penny.

If you are looking to buy LA Galaxy merchandise for the entire family, the cost will quickly add up and it may prove prudent to find discount codes and offers.

However, the clothing options available for Galaxy fans means that spending doesn’t have to be expensive. Instead, fans can find other avenues and cheaper clothing stores to get their LA Galaxy fix.

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