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LA Galaxy Hat guide

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The most successful team in MLS Cup history, the LA Galaxy are a juggernaut of American soccer. You see more LA Galaxy hat attire across the United States than almost all of their rivals…

Their nine appearances in the MLS Cup final is almost double as many as anyone else, and in the city of angels, they will always be a marquee franchise.

Los Angeles is not just one of the biggest cities in the world. It’s a pantheon of sporting icons in both teams and individuals.

The Galaxy are no different even if they reside in the shadows cast by their more celebrated neighbours at Dodger Stadium and Staples Center.

From Magic Johnson and Sandy Koufax to Aaron Donald and Mookie Betts, Los Angeles’ sports teams live up to the city’s billing.

LA Galaxy merchandise

Always sprinkled with at least a handful of stardust, the franchises are often at centre stage whether results good, bad or indifferent.

Galaxy fits this profile, having combined team glory with some of the sport’s biggest names including David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

While MLS continues to grow, the league is yet to make a meaningful breakthrough in the crowded US sports market. Spotting an LA Galaxy hat is still rare compared to the Lakers and Dodgers or even the Rams and Angels.

Creating popular merchandise can be a useful vehicle to grow a brand in any field, and it’s no different in sport.

While we often associate seeing a team’s hat or shirt with support, it can work the other way round, with popular casualwear gradually translating people with a passing interest to legitimate fans.

Different LA Galaxy Hats

Searching through stores or browsing the internet, fans will come across an area of LA Galaxy hats.

Just like any high-profile sports franchise, the Galaxy spoil their supporters for choice with jerseys, hats, jumpers and much more.

Various LA Galaxy merchandise stores, including the club shop and other outlets, offer the standard array of hats.

There are beanies, baseball caps, snapbacks, bobble hats and bucket hats. You can pull off your best golfer impression with a visor, too.

On top of all these variations, fans can also dive into a wealth of colourways. Of course, the standard navy blue and gold is the most popular combination, but even this is stretched across different styles.

It can be all navy, all gold, or maybe a blend of both with a gold brim. Companies like Mitchell & Ness push the boat out further with striped peaks on their LA Galaxy snapbacks.

There are black alternatives, too. Grey is a popular choice, and there are some more outlandish options including a particularly striking mint green.

Fanatics also offers a Pride colour scheme, featuring the rainbow pattern across the cap with a black brim.

Fans have choice over the lettering as well. The standard club logo is obviously the staple when scrolling through LA Galaxy hats, but there are plenty with a simple ‘LA’ in block letters, accompanied by the team’s star.

Others may prefer a flashback offering or just ‘Galaxy’ in chunky capitals across the front. With styles, colours and designs aplenty, LA Galaxy fans are really spoilt for choice when picking out a new hat.

Where To Buy An LA Galaxy Hat

As one of the most well-known franchises in MLS, there are hundreds of websites to buy an LA Galaxy hat. The usual suspects occupy the first few Google rankings when on the lookout for the latest LA Galaxy hat.

Amazon, the MLS Store and Fanatics all have a wide selection for fans to ponder, while Kitbag, and Sports Direct have their own options, too.

Walmart and the official club store are joined by Dick’s Sporting Goods. Mitchell & Ness are bound to attract a lot of fans with their knack for producing unique and often popular designs.

Just as with any product, fans should keep their eyes peeled for discount codes and offers that could knock a few dollars off their LA Galaxy hat price.

LA Galaxy Merchandise

If you’re keen to add an LA Galaxy hat to your collection, you might want to take a look at some other LA Galaxy merchandise. Galaxy fans can get pretty much anything they want with the team logo on.

Should you find yourself visiting Dignity Health Sports Park, the LA Galaxy Store is located on Southwest Box Office at the Main Entrance. Open for longer hours during event days, many fans will look to cap off their day at the game with a new jersey.

Beyond the often-expensive world of soccer jersey shopping, supporters might look for a novelty item like a bottle opener or a pint glass.

From tie dye tops to retro-style sweaters, Los Angeles Galaxy merchandise ranges from comfy homewear to costly-themed items like Galaxy-branded Adidas trainers.

LA Galaxy Hat

Showing your support for the most successful MLS team of all-time can be expensive.

The cost of soccer shirts is an increasingly controversial topic with manufacturers charging three figures for new jerseys in some cases, and teams parading out three or four strips throughout a season.

Perhaps that will push more fans towards the LA Galaxy hat market. Maybe the $20 or so on a hat is a better investment given how quickly shirts can become dated.

A good snapback or beanie could be in use for years to come, celebrating future MLS Cup wins and big-name acquisitions.

Sports merchandise is a big business in its own right in the 2020s. Adidas penned a $700 million deal with MLS back in 2017, and Galaxy ranks as the second-highest revenue club in Major League Soccer.

They might not have won an MLS Cup since 2014, but Galaxy is a true mega-club, and we’re bound to see more LA Galaxy hats around in the decades to come.

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